Being Tall Has Advantages

I’m 6’4″ tall and for most of my life I’ve been taller than those around me. My wife is 5’10” so while I still have to gaze downward when we talk, I’m not craning like I do with much shorter people.

My height comes in handy when we’re at the airport. I can look above the crowd and spot her easily. Getting her attention is another matter even when she looks right at me. Closing the distance is easy too because I have such a long stride. She has to take two steps to match every one of mine.

I used to drive an SUV. It had comfortable seating and pretty good leg room and I could climb in and out of it with ease. Then as gas prices soared in 2007 I test drove two smaller vehicles. One was a hybrid. Strictly on economic benefits, the hybrid should have won my purchase dollars. Instead, I opted for fun and bought a Mini Cooper S. It’s red with a white top and I nicknamed it Jelly Bean.

They’re cute cars. I love mine. It’s got that great go-Kart feel when I turn corners and race along S-curves. Acceleration power is awesome by itself plus mine has a Go button that makes the car sprint from a stop. Of course, the Go button uses a lot of fuel so I don’t use it much these days.

At least once a week, I’ll park Jelly Bean in a crowded lot and on getting out of it, I’ll hear someone say. “I can’t believe someone as tall as you are just got out of that tiny car.” They usually have that open-mouthed astonished look on their faces too.

Besides the fun factor, the legroom I get in Jelly Bean is one of the reasons I rationalized the purchase.

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