My Penny Thimble

I used duct-tape in a new way today. I love that stuff. It’s the best invention ever.

My objective was to repair the cloth drop-down panels in my media room. Each panel rolls up and is secured by a strap. Two strips of prickly velcro are sewn into the fabric near the top of the panel and each strap has the fuzzy velcro side sewn on it.

My first remedy was to apply an extra-strength sticky-backed fuzzy strip on top of the worn fuzzy part that was sewn into the end of the strap. It was a dumb idea but I went with it anyway. To my surprise they extra-strength adhesive worked for about 3 weeks.

Today, I attempted sewing the fuzzy velcro piece to the end of the strap. Threading the needle took more time than I remember it taking when I was younger. But I got through that. Next I attempted to stick the needle through the back of the strap and through the double-layer of fuzzy velcro and nearly punctured my thumb from the heavy resistance.

Just before I decided to give up, I thought of my trusty thimble.  So I returned to the closet and retrieved the stein the held my needle and thread and dumped its contents into my hand. There wasn’t much. Certainly no thimble, but there was a penny.

It’s been a long time since I really looked at a penny. The one I held was dirty and it seemed smaller than I remember. Still, it’s a penny and it has monetary value. And much to my delight, the penny also has functional value as well.

Today my dirty old penny became my new trusty thimble. I stuck it on a piece of duct-tape and wrapped the tape around my thumb so that the penny was on the underside. Then I resumed to stitch the new fuzzy velcro onto the worn fuzzy velcro that was already sewn to the strap. Each time the needle met resistance, I pressed it through with my penny covered thumb. Problem-solved.